Driver – Veteran Tribute – Raffle and Door Prize Information


Goody Bags – First 100 Entries 

Dash cards – First 100 Entries

Discount Coupons at Country Cottage (on-site) – First 100 Entries

(Pre-registered entries are included in count)

Volunteers will check you in starting at 7:00 a.m.

Your entry packets will include your registration, voting packet, and two door prize tickets.

Fresh coffee and donuts at 7:00 am.

Awards – see Award Category page for more information.


Phone (503) 804 1440 or email



“For Sale” signs are allowed under the following conditions.

ONE Sign in the back seat.

ONE sign allowed in front seat ONLY if there is no back seat.

Not Allowed on Windows, Display, or on the ground around the vehicle.


9:00 a.m. – Tribute to Veterans – National Anthem

Thank you for your service


Door Prizes are drawn every 45 Minutes, starting at 9:00 a.m.

Drivers will get two door prize tickets in each packet

Drivers will get an extra door prize ticket after voting

Spectators,  get a door prize ticket by voting for People’s Choice Award

Winning Tickets will be posted throughout the day.

Check back for winners.

End of Day – Unclaimed Prizes will be re-drawn.

Click here to print for an additional DOOR PRIZE Ticket


Your choice of three Raffles will be on-site.

One quilt will be raffled with all proceeds from that particular raffle to further the work of the Woodburn Estates Quilters.

Some of our local organizations who have benefited from their work is the Food Bank – Love, Santa – Love, Inc. – Woodburn City Hanging Baskets – and Woodburn Estates Green Thumbs.

Woodburn Estates Quilters have also donated tied quilts to the Veterans Hospital – Liberty House and the Women’s Shelter, among others.