A Brief History

In 2011 Senior Estates Golf & Country Club began planning for their 50th year anniversary in 2012.

What better way to celebrate than to have a kick-off  Show & Shine car show in 2011?

A second car show was held during the 50th celebration in 2012.  Both Show and Shines were a whole lot of fun!

Classic American cars, survivors, work in progress, foreign cars, motorcycles, 3 wheelers, trucks, a 9-N tractor, tractor pullers and a junior dragster.  The years ranged from 1927 to 2012, an 85-year spread.

There were all-day raffles for the public as well as the entrants, snacks, and food, dash plaques, 8 x 10 framed color photos for every entrant and more.

Senior Estates Golf & Country Club is now branded as Woodburn Estates & Golf.

In 2015 residents said, What happened to the car show, we miss the cars!

In 2016 we brought back Show and Shine to be an annual event and introduced awards.

We have continued the show in 2017, 2018 and again in 2019.